2023/2024 Committee Volunteers – Call for Applications

Recruitment for the 2023/2024 roster of SMCC committee volunteers is currently underway. If you are a member of SMCC and are interested in getting more involved on one of the committees, please submit an application!

A benefit offered exclusively to SMCC members is the opportunity to volunteer on one of our committees, where you’ll contribute to SMCC’s programs and initiatives, while also gaining access to a network of industry peers. The success of SMCC is largely dependent on its passionate and dedicated volunteers, which is why we’re always seeking new volunteers to support our mission to help brand marketers, agency partners, and sponsorship sales teams unleash the power of sponsorship marketing. 

If you’re primarily located in one of SMCC’s Regional Chapters  Montreal, Calgary, or Vancouver – we want to hear from you! Consider joining one of the SMCC Regional Chapter Committees if you’re interested in collaborating on local events and initiatives and establishing a network of sponsorship marketing professionals in your local region.

SMCC Volunteer Terms of Service:  

  • Volunteers serve for a term of one year (beginning in September) 
  • Volunteers may serve consecutive terms 
  • Volunteers may only serve on one committee per year 
  • All volunteers must be members of the SMCC, with membership dues up-to-date 
  • Each committee will have a maximum of 20 volunteers per year (excluding the committee chair) 

SMCC is currently accepting volunteer applications for the following committees:  

  • Business Development Committee  
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee 
  • Education Committee  
  • Marketing Committee  
  • Membership Recruitment & Retention Committee 
  • Montreal Regional Chapter   
  • Calgary Regional Chapter  
  • Vancouver Regional Chapter  

To submit an application, you will be required to provide:  

  • A brief description of your background in sponsorship marketing and/or your resume;  
  • The skills and expertise you possess and the areas you would like to grow through volunteering; and  
  • Your preferred committee.  

If you have any questions, please contact the SMCC Office 

SMCC Committees


The Business Development Committee discusses ways of generating revenue for the SMCC. The Business Development Committee also oversees membership initiatives, sponsorship and establishes strategic industry partnerships.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Committee advocates for the integration and inclusion of DE&I policies and procedures in all SMCC internal and external programming. The committee will showcase the cultural, gender, and racial diversity of the SMCC membership and the industry in which it operates. This committee works in conjunction with all other SMCC committees to establish industry leading DE&I communications to promote all SMCC events, programs, and initiatives.


The Education Committee is responsible for driving thought leadership for the SMCC and developing and curating topics and speakers for monthly virtual and live events, training courses and workshops and the annual Sponsorship Marketing Awards (SMAs).


The Membership Recruitment and Retention Committee is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to attract new members and retain existing members. This committee will conduct outreach to prospective members and promote SMCC membership benefits. Similarly, the Membership Recruitment and Retention Committee is responsible for analyzing member feedback and identifying any areas of improvement for SMCC members.


The Marketing Committee oversees communications, social media, the website, and media relations. The committee works in conjunction with all other SMCC committees to establish valuable marketing and communication strategies to promote all SMCC events, programs and initiatives.


Our Regional Committees support the SMCC mission across Vancouver, Calgary, and Vancouver. Each committee hosts local events and programming throughout the year.


The SMAs Planning Committee organizes the Sponsorship Marketing Awards & Conference and is divided into subcommittees that focus on initiatives such as marketing, sponsorship, awards, and programming specific to this event.

SMCC Volunteer Engagement Program

The SMCC Volunteer Engagement program was established in 2017 to help improve the volunteer experience and to help the SMCC more effectively achieve its strategic goals.

As part of this program, SMCC committee volunteers:

  • Serve a term of one (1) year, from September to August
  • May serve multiple consecutive terms, at the appointment of the Committee Chair
  • Must adhere to the SMCC Volunteer Terms of Service
Please be advised that all committee volunteers must be active members of SMCC. Volunteer opportunities are benefits offered exclusively to our members. If you’re not a member yet, but are currently acting as an SMCC committee volunteer, please join now! For any questions about volunteering with the SMCC, please email info@sponsorshipmarketing.ca.