November Breakfast Forum – The Rise of the Co-Branded Era: Uniting Sports and Pop Culture for Success

Join us for an engaging discussion at upcoming Breakfast Forum as we explore the growing popularity of collaborations between sports properties and brands with pop culture brands, icons & references. In recent years, we have witnessed a remarkable trend where sports teams, leagues, and brands are teaming up with popular figures from the world of entertainment, music, and art.

This panel will delve into the reasons behind this cultural convergence, examining how these collaborations captivate audiences and create unique brand experiences. Hear from our speakers at NBA Canada, MLSE and McDonald’s as will explore the strategic motivations, marketing opportunities, and the impact on both industries involved. Join our expert speakers as they share their insights on this exciting intersection of sports and pop culture.                                                        


  • Marsha-Gaye KnightManager, Partnership Marketing – CBC Sports & Olympics, Board Member, DE&I Committee, Marketing Committee, Activate Mentee – SMCC



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